Welcome to the online home of Direct Democracy, a movement of MPs, MEPs, activists and candidates committed to making localism the core of the Conservative Party’s platform.

When we launched our book, Direct Democracy – Agenda for a New Model Party, last year, the response was immediate – and overwhelmingly positive. Its main themes are listed at the bottom of this page, underneath the ten principles which guide our policies.

Now, we have published The Localist Papers, a set of six policy studies, serialised in The Daily Telegraph, setting out concrete ways to solve Britain’s problems.

Catch up with the series, and the debate it inspired, at the Telegraph’s Think Local site.

You can also visit our News pages for the latest on politics and localism from around the world, while we also have an archive of comment pieces by a range of authors on our Policy page.


“I passionately believe we need to localise power, as recommended by the Direct Democracy movement of Conservative activists and MPs” – David Cameron

“One of the founding texts for the new, revitalised Toryism… written by some of the brightest young Conservative thinkers” – The Spectator